Calculi on iPhone and iPad


A Smarter Scientific Calculator

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Calculi - Calculator for iPhone

Simple, but Mighty

Calculi is a smart scientific calculator that is simple and easy to use, but with advanced features for power users. Whether you are trying to balance your checkbook or taking an advanced math class, Calculi will help you with all of your calculating needs.

Currency Conversion on iPhone

Currency Conversion

Traveling abroad? Not sure how much your lunch costs? Calculi has you covered with support for over 30 different currencies around the globe (data is updated daily from the European Central Bank). A Calculi Pro subscription is required for this feature.

Unit Converions on iPhone

Unit Conversion

You can easily convert any of your calculations to a different unit across 17 categories such as length, area, and volume. Unit conversions are saved to your calculation history for easy review. A Calculi Pro subscription is required for this feature.

Calculi's Multitasking and Keyboard Shortcuts on iPad

Supercharged on iPadOS

Power users will enjoy multitasking and multi-window support. Keyboard shortcuts can also be used with an external keyboard.

Calculi - Calculator on Apple Watch


Whether you need some quick arithmetic or need to calculate a tip, Calculi for watchOS will have you covered.

Calculi - Calculator on Apple TV

Built for the BIG Screen

Scaled up for the big screen, Calculi for tvOS comes with all scientific functions and a calculation history.

All Features

Multi-line Expressions

From large to small expressions, Calculi can evaluate it.

Mouse Support

Pair an external mouse to increase your productivity.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Pair an external keyboard to make use of shortcuts for common actions.

History Tape

All calculations are saved and answers can be reused again.

Scientific Constants

Mathematical and scientific constants can be used in expressions.

Dark or Light Mode

Will you go to the dark side?

Error Notifications

Helpful alerts are displayed when a mistake in your expression is detected.

Custom Icons

Make the icon your own!


Do not like orange? Change it to your favorite color.

Math Help

Common mathematical topics are included for reference.


Use Calculi in split view or slide over on iPadOS.


Adjust font sizes, sounds and haptics.

Drag and Drop

Share calculations simply by dragging them to another app.

Unit Conversions

You can easily convert between unit across 17 different categories.

Currency Conversions

Traveling internationally? Calculi can convert between over 30 currencies.

Up to Date

Calculi takes advantage of the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

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